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The following key words give an impression of the areas of research: Algebraic geometry, Algebraic theory of differential equations, Arithmetic of elliptic curves and elliptic surfaces, Galois representations.

Some specific topics include:

  • Differential equations having the Painlevé property
  • Grothendieck's conjecture in differential Galois theory
  • Moduli of Drinfeld modules
  • Arithmetic and ranks of elliptic surfaces
  • Nonselfdual Galois representations
  • Homologically trivial cycles on threefolds
  • The number of points on a curve over a finite field

External projects and cooperation

  • NWO cluster DIAMANT
  • North German Algebraic Geometry Seminar (NoGAGS)
  • European Network GTEM

For more detailed information go to the Research page.


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Current News

November 2012 November 9th: Our group hosts the

Diamant Intercity Seminar.

September 2012 September 11th: Anema, Soomro, and Top participate in the

Algebraic and Complex Geometry conference in Hannover, dedicated to Klaus Hulek's 60th birthday.

September 19th: Top lectures in the General Colloquium at the Free University, Amsterdam.

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