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News about the Algebra Research Group

Current News

November 2012 November 9th: Our group hosts the

Diamant Intercity Seminar.

September 2012 September 11th: Anema, Soomro, and Top participate in the

Algebraic and Complex Geometry conference in Hannover, dedicated to Klaus Hulek's 60th birthday.

September 19th: Top lectures in the General Colloquium at the Free University, Amsterdam.

June 2011
June 20th: At 12:30, Kiselev lectures in the Groningen high energy physics seminar.
June 22nd: Kiselev lectures in the Groningen Dynamical Systems seminar.
June 26th - July 1st: Kiselev participates in the conference

The legacy of deformation quantization in Switzerland.

May 10th: 14.30 pm, BB 267: master's thesis colloquium of

Wouter Lueks.

May 10th: Top presents a

general math colloquium lecture in our department.

May 12-13: Heijne and Soomro participate (and Top lectures) in the

NoGAGS seminar in Berlin.

May 10, 23, June 1, 9: Our group offers training to gifted high school

students for the National Math Olympiad.

May 25th: 14.00 pm, BB 293: master's thesis colloquium of

Martijn van der Valk.

May 26th: Top and Soomro participate in the DIAMANT symposium in Heeze.
May 26th: Wouter Lueks presents his master's project during the

DIAMANT symposium in Heeze.

april 2011
April 12th-13th: As part of the ``RuG College Carrousel'', Top

presents two lectures to high school students (both days 10.45-11.30 am, Bernoulliborg Room 105).

April 13th: Top participates in the symposium

Wiskunde en Geloof (Veenendaal).

April 15th: With C. Klaassen (UvA) and F. Verhulst (UU), Top serves in the jury for the Philips Award during the Dutch Mathematical Congress in Enschede.
April 19th: As part of the HOVO course ``Wiskunde door de eeuwen heen'',

Top lectures on Complex Numbers.

April 27-29: Andrea Cattaneo (Milan) visits our group.
April 28th: Start of the master's course

Caput Algebra and Geometry (which this year treats Galois Theory), taught by Kiselev.

April 29th: Our group hosts the DIAMANT Intercity number theory seminar.
march 2011 March 3rd: Top presents general colloquium lecture in Leiden.
March 14-18: Top participates in the AGCT 2011 conference in Luminy.
March 25th: our group hosts the regional math olympiad in which approximately 80 high school students participate.
March 30th: Top presents an EMaCs lecture in Eindhoven.