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Faculty, staff and their research subjects


  • R.W.C.P. Verstappen: mathematics of Computational Fluid Dynamics

(CFD), modeling and simulation of turbulence

  • F.W. Wubs: preconditioners for sparse systems and Lyapunov equations i

n CFD; application to stability and bifurcation analysis and the study of the influence

 of noise on bifurcation points
  • Dr. B. Carpentieri: numerical linear algebra, Krylov subspace methods, para

llel multilevel solvers, electromagnetics, cardiac modeling.B. Carpentieri


  • Prof.dr. A.E.P. Veldman: modeling and simulation of fluid flows in engineerin

g applications, free-surface flows, fluid-structure interaction


  • MSc. P. van der Plas: local grid refinement for free-surface flow simulation.

PhD Students

  • MSc. H.J. Bandringa: simulation of complex flows in maritime applications.
  • MSc. Y. Bu: matrix factorization methods for Markov chains, preconditioners f

or iterative solution of linear systems of equations.

  • MSc. X.M. Gu: Krylov subspace methods for solving non-Hermitian

linear systems with application to fractional differential equations.

  • MSc. Y. Jing: iterative methods for solving systems of linear equations.
  • MSc. S. Kotnala: efficient solution of stochastic PDEs.
  • MSc. J. Liao: parallel solvers for block-structured matrices.
  • MSc. R. Luppes: two-phase flow modeling for maritime applications.
  • MSc. W. Rozema: detailed numerical simulation of turbulent flow.
  • MSc. J.H. Seubers: interaction between extreme waves and floating bodies.
  • MSc. Z. Shen: matrix solvers for Markov chains problems.
  • MSc. M.H. Silvis: models for the larger eddies in turbulent flow.
  • MSc. W. Song: numerical linear algebra for bifurcation analysis on high-perfo

rmance computers.

  • MSc. H. Kirbas
  • MSc. G. Rozema
  • Msc. J. Helder: regularization of turbulent flow.
  • Msc. D.J. Kort: local grid refinement for fluid flow simulations

Regular visitors

  • Dr. J.E. Jaramillo Ibarro
  • Dr. X. Trias
  • Dr. J. Thies


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