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Teaching and Projects

Courses 2013/2014 related to the research group



Service courses


  • CFD I (bi-annual JMBC course, by A.E.P. Veldman, M.I. Gerritsma (TU Delft) and B. Koren (TU Eindhoven))

Master's thesis topics in the Research Group

If you are interested in a Master's thesis in one of the research areas of our group, contact one of the faculty members of the group for specific topics.

Term Projects (Onderzoeksstage) within this research group

Some links and term projects in here.

Bachelor Projects

The group offers Bachelor projects on a yearly basis through the regular topic announcements. If you would like to work on a special topic related to one of our research areas, contact one of the faculty members of the group.

Current and Previous Projects

Links and guides to current or previous projects.
Bachelor Projects