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Reihe V, Nr 422

Movable one sheeted hyperboloid, half, with reverse.

Mathematical description
A one sheeted hyperboloid is a surface of revolution obtained by rotating a hyperbola about the perpendicular bisector of the line between its foci. When oriented along the z-axis, the one-sheeted circular hyperboloid with skirt radius a has Cartesian equation:

                     x2    y2     z2
                    --- + --- - ---  = 1.
                     a2    a2     c2
It can also be seen as a ruled surface, and therefore, with an infinite number of lines on it. Some of these lines are represented in the model, and are movable. The model shows only half of the hyperboloid, and it can be turned inside out.

Title model and translation
Bewegliches einschaliges Hyperboloid, halb, zum Umstülpen
Movable one sheeted hyperboloid, half, with reverse

Text sticker and translation
No sticker.

O. Henrici in Londen.

H. Wiener in Dresden

Original price
Mark 25,-

19 cm


Verzeignis Mathematischer modelle; H. Wieners sammlung mathematischer modelle, Verlagsbuchhandlung B.G.Teubner, Leipzig, 1905