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Serie XXVIII, Nr 4

Cubic parabola on a parabolic cylinder.

Mathematical description
This models illustrates a cubic parabola lying on a parabolic cylinder. The parabolic cylinder is a quadratic surface given by the equation:

                 x2 + 2rz = 0.
In a point in infinite the cubic parabola and the parabolic cylinder have the same osculating plane.

Title model and translation
Cubische Parabel auf hyperbolischem Cylinder.
Cubic parabola on a parabolic cylinder.

Text on Sticker and translation
missing sticker.

Dr. W. Ludwig (Initiative of Prof. Dr. Klein and under collaboration of Prof. Dr. Fr. Schilling in Göttingen).
Breslau in 1902

Martin Schilling in Halle a.S.

Original price
Mark 25,-

16-16-40 cm


Schilling, M., Catalog mathematischer Modelle für den höheren mathematischen Unterricht, Leipzig: Verlag von Martin Schilling, 1911