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Serie II, Nr 1b

Model of a Kummer surface. Eight double points are real.

Mathematical description
A surface of degree 4 in complex projective space can have at most 16 ordinary double points. Quartic surfaces which do have this number of double points are called Kummer surfaces. These surfaces have a beautiful structure, called the Kummer's (16,6) configuration. That means that there are 16 planes (called tropes in the classical literature) each of which contains 6 double points and through each of the 16 double points pass 6 of the planes. A Kummer surface can have 16, 8, 4, 2 or 0 real double points.
The models illustrates the case where the 8 double points are real.

Title model and translation
Modelle der Kummer'schen Fläche. Acht Knotenpunkte reell.
Model of a Kummer surface. Eight double points are real.

Text on Sticker and translation
There is no sticker on this model.

K. Rohn under the supervision of Dr. Klein
München in 1877

Martin Schilling in Halle a.S.

Original price
Mark 32,50

30-20 cm


Schilling, M., Catalog mathematischer Modelle für den höheren mathematischen Unterricht, Leipzig: Verlag von Martin Schilling, 1911