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Serie VIII, Nr 6a

Right helicoid.

Mathematical description
A right helicoid is a surface generated by a straight line perpendicular to an axis which is rotated uniformly about it and at the same time translated in the direction of the axis with constant velocity. By a theorem of Catalan the helicoid is characterized as minimal surface. This surface, together with the plane, is the only ruled surface which is a minimal surface. A minimal surface is a surface with zero mean curvature. One turn of the helicoid is described by:

when 0<u<2π.

Title model and translation
Windschiefe Schraubenfläche.
Right helicoid.

Text on Sticker and translation
Windschiefe Schraubenfläche.
Right helicoid.

G. Herting unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Brill
München in 1882

L. Brill in Darmstadt

Original price
Mark 19

23-22 cm


Schilling, M., Catalog mathematischer Modelle für den höheren mathematischen Unterricht, Leipzig: Verlag von Martin Schilling, 1911