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The research program Systems, Control and Applied Analysis (SCAA) is devoted to the analysis, control and optimization of complex dynamical systems. The focus is on fundamental mathematical research, stimulated by collaborations with colleagues from the engineering and natural sciences.

Mathematical systems and control theory deals with the modeling and control of open and interconnected systems evolving in time. The dynamical behavior is not only sought to be analyzed, but to be influenced (controlled) and optimized as well; by the addition of feedback loops, and by the interconnection to other dynamical systems (controller design), or the optimal selection of parameters. Furthermore, the systems point of view is emphasized, by viewing complex systems as networks of simpler components.

Current focal points of our research are:

  1. Network dynamics: controllability, stability, synchronization, power sharing, model reduction. Applications towards power networks, distribution systems, systems biology. (Camlibel, Trentelman, van der Schaft; A. Ivanov, H.-J. Jongsma, F. Koerts, P. Monshizadeh, T.W. Stegink, J. Wei)
  2. Non-smooth and hybrid dynamical systems: well-posedness, equivalence, controllability, disturbance decoupling, fault detection. (Camlibel, van der Schaft; A. Everts, M. Josza, N. Yulia Megawati)
  3. Control by interconnection: behavioral control, passivity-based control. (Trentelman, van der Schaft; G. Folkertsma, R. Reyes-Baez, L. Wang).