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We believe that information is beautiful. Visually as well as conceptually. Information lies on the intersection of mathematics, epistemology and communication science and is the subject area of the Statistics.

This research group, within the Department of Mathematics, is part of the Bernoulli Institute for Math, CS and AI of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

We are interested in methodological developments of statistics and probability theory. Within the group there are several distinct research strands. We have active collaborations with social statisticians, medical statisticians, econometrists and even quantitative philosophers. The university endeavours that this will naturally converge in a Centre of Statistics in the near future.

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2-7 July 2017 Opening of the registration for the workshop "International Workshop on Statistical Modelling 2017", 2-7 July 2017. For more information contact Ineke Schelhaas for registration issues or Marco Grzegorczyk for the scientific programme.

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