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Holger Waalkens

Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Department of Mathematics
Bernoulli Institute
University of Groningen

Short CV

Holger Waalkens studied physics at the University of Oldenburg where he graduated in 1996. He received his PhD at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Bremen under the supervision of Peter H. Richter in 1999. After three postdoc years in Bremen he moved with a fellowship from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol. In 2002 he spent six months as a postdoc at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley. From 2003 to 2006 he was lecturer at the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol. Since 2006 he is associate professor in mathematics at the Bernoulli Institute at the University of Groningen. His main fields of research are Hamiltonian systems and mathematical physics.

Co-Organization of Recent and Forthcoming Conferences and Workshops


  • Head of the group Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Mathematical Physics
  • Head of the Board of Examiners Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Head of the Curriculum Committee Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Steering Committee of Fundamentals of the Universe
  • PhD Admission Committee Faculty of Science and Engineering


PhD Students

  • Jhon Astoquillca Aguilar (with D. Valesin, since 2021)
  • Giovanni van Marion (with D. Boer, since 2020)
  • Dijs de Neeling (with M. Seri and D. Roest, since 2020)
  • Federico Zadra (with M. Seri, since 2019)
  • Eric Pap (with D. Boer, since 2018)
  • Bohuan Lin (with K. Efstathiou, since 2017)
  • Vladimír Krajňák (defense 2017)
  • Mohammad Zaman (defense 2017)
  • Ünver Çiftçi (defense 2013)
  • Robert Hales (defense 2010)

Former Postdocs

Master Students

  • Robbert Scholtens
  • Gertjan Pomstra
  • Eric Pap
  • Klaas Hakvoort
  • Bonnie Liefting (SDU, Denmark)
  • Kristel Lok
  • Derk Rouwhorst
  • Leslie Zwerwer