Number Theory of Cubic Curves

(mastermath course 2007/2008)


Course: Prof. dr. J. Top
Bernoulliborg room 396, University of Groningen, tel.: 3633986

Exercise class: Esther Bod


Final Grade:

Student are expected to hand in solutions to problems which will be given during most of the classes (see the schedule below), and to do a final take home exam.
The take home will be available by December 14th, and should be handed in by January 18th. To pass the course, you should have a mark M at least 4 for the take home exam, and a final grade (4M+H1+H2+H3+H4+H5+H6)/10 at least 5.5. Here the Hi are the 6 best grades for your homework.

Take Home Exam:

The take home exam, including instructions how to hand in the problems, can be found here.
(January 7th: I corrected an error in Problem 7... sorry!)

Schedule Number Theory of Cubic Curves, Fall 2007: