Daniel Valesin
Last updated: 15/Dec/2017

My research interests are Interacting Particle Systems, Percolation Theory and Random Graphs.


Awards and grants

  • NWO Top Module 2 Grant for project "Epidemics on static and dynamic networks: towards general results"

  • Mathematics Teacher of the Year 2014-2015 at the University of Groningen

  • Post-doctoral research fellowship from the Government of Canada, 2011-2014

PhD Students

  • Réka Szabó

  • Pedro Luis Barrios Pantoja -- co-supervision with Milton Jara

  • Eric Ossami Endo -- co-supervision with Aernout van Enter and Rodrigo Bissacot (completed in 2018)

  • Gabriel Leite Baptista da Silva

Publications and preprints

  1. Inhomogeneous percolation on ladder graphs (with R. Szabó)

  2. Exponential rate for the contact process extinction time (with B. Schapira)

  3. Local limits of spatial Gibbs random graphs (with E. O. Endo)

  4. Monotonicity and phase diagram for multi-range percolation on oriented trees (with B. N. B. de Lima, L. T. Rolla)
    To appear in Random Structures and Algorithms.

  5. The asymmetric multitype contact process (with P. L. B. Pantoja, T. Mountford)
    Stochastic Processes and Their Applications (2018)

  6. Uniformity of hitting times of the contact process (with M. Heydenreich, C. Hirsch)
    ALEA 2018.

  7. A note on truncated long-range percolation with heavy tails on oriented graphs (with C. Alves, B. N. B. de Lima, M. R. Hilário)
    Journal of Statistical Physics (2017).

  8. On the threshold of spread-out voter model percolation (with B. Ráth)
    Electronic Communications in Probability (2017).

  9. Spatial Gibbs random graphs (with J.C. Mourrat)
    The Annals of Applied Probability (2017).

  10. Equilibrium of the interface of the grass-bushes-trees process (with E. Andjel, T. Mountford)
    Journal of the Bernoulli Society (2017).

  11. Percolation in the stationary distribution of the voter model (with Balázs Ráth)
    The Annals of Probability (2017).

  12. Improved asymptotic estimates for the contact process with stirring (with A. Levit)
    Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics (2016).

  13. From survival to extinction of the contact process by the removal of a single edge (with R. Szabó)
    Electronic Communications in Probability (2016).

  14. Functional central limit theorem for the interface of the multitype contact process (with T. Mountford)
    ALEA (2016).

  15. Phase transition of the contact process on random regular graphs (with J.C. Mourrat)
    Electronic Journal of Probability (2016).

  16. Extinction time of the contact process on general graphs (with B. Schapira)
    Probability Theory and Related Fields (2015).

  17. Truncated long-range percolation on oriented graphs (with A. v. Enter and B. N. B. de Lima)
    Journal of Statistical Physics (2015).

  18. The Contact Process on Finite Homogeneous Trees Revisited (with M. Cranston, T. Mountford and J.C. Mourrat)
    ALEA (2014).

  19. Metastable Densities for the Contact Process on Power Law Random Graphs (with T. Mountford and Q. Yao)
    Electronic Journal of Probability (2013).

  20. Supercriticality of an Annealed Approximation of Boolean Networks (with T. Mountford)
    Electronic Communications in Probability (2013).

  21. Multitype Contact Process on Z: Extinction and Interface.
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  22. Tightness for the Interface of One-Dimensional Contact Process (with E. Andjel, T. Mountford and L.P.R. Pimentel)
    Journal of the Bernoulli (2010).