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CFD in a static mixer

Laminar flow through a Static Mixer (3D) (0.46 Mb)
The movie shows the axial velocity component in a plane perpendicular to the main direction of stationary flow in a Static Mixer. The iso-viscous fluid is Newtonian and Re=0.001. Calculations were done with the finite element package SEPRAN. The grid used consisted of 1760 volume elements representing one static mixing element. The movie shows three consecutive static mixing elements with the second element 90 degrees rotated.

The geometry of one element has 4 sections of three plates each. This is a model of a Sulzer SMX static mixing element. The real geometry fits in a tube. Our model geometry has a square cross section. On the walls and the plates a no-slip condition is applied. The fluid enters the first static mixing element with a developed flow profile. Due to the plates the fluid is forced to flow in different directions. This division of the flow causes the mixing characteristics of the mixer.

The movie shows the axial velocity component as a curved surface and the color shows also the magnitude of this velocity component. (J.E. Visser,, P.F. Rozendal,

Heat transfer in a Static Mixer (3D) (0.26 Mb)
The movie shows the development of the temperature during the cooling of a Newtonian iso-viscous liquid in a Static Mixer. The liquid flows stationary through the static mixer (Re=0.001; RePr=100). The inlet temperature is uniform (red) and the wall has a lower uniform temperature (blue). (J.E. Visser,, P.F.R. Rozendal,

This project was carried out by: J.E. Visser, Chemical Engineer; P.F. Rozendal, Mathematician, (CFD); H.W. Hoogstraten, Professor in Mathematics; A.A.C.M. Beenackers, Professor in Chemical Engineering; J. Kraak, Visualisation Expert.

Some pictures of static mixers to give an idea how they really look like:

A Static Mixer is a novel type of reactor for the chemical modification of starch. The mpeg-movie with a dynamic PFD diagram shows the process.

Dynamic PFD diagram of Static Mixer (0.54Mb) PFD diagram

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