Prof. Dr. Aernout C. D. van Enter

Honorary Professor

  • room number: 484 (Bernoulliborg, building 5161)
  • phone numbers
      domestic:    (050) 363 4967
international:    +31 50 363 4967
  • e-mail: A.C.D.van.Enter rug.nl


  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Interacting particle systems and Gibbs measures

Aernout's recent publications

  1. A.C.D. van Enter, H. Koivusalo and J. Miȩkisz (2020) Sturmian Ground States in Classical Lattice–Gas Models.. . (URL) (BibTeX)
  2. A.C.D. van Enter, B. Kimura, W. Ruszel and C. Spitoni (2019) Nucleation for One-Dimensional Long-Range Ising Models.. . (BibTeX)
  3. R. Bissacot, E. Endo, A.C.D. van Enter, B. Kimura, A. Le Ny and W.M. Ruszel (2019) Dyson Models Under Renormalization and in Weak Fields. In Sojourns in Probability Theory and Statistical Physics - I (Sidoravicius, V., Eds.), pages 123-127. Springer. Spin Glasses and Statistical Mechanics, A Festschrift for Charles M. Newman. (BibTeX)
  4. Aernout C. D. van Enter (2019) One-Sided Versus Two-Sided Stochastic Descriptions. In Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics. (Gayrard, V., Arguin, L.-P., Kistler and N., Kourkova, I., Eds.) Springer, pages 21-33. (BibTeX)

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