Dr. Konstantinos Efstathiou

Assistant Professor

  • room number: 468 (Bernoulliborg, building 5161)
  • phone numbers
      domestic:    (050) 363 3649
international:    +31 50 363 3649
  • e-mail: K.Efstathiou rug.nl


  • Geometry of integrable Hamiltonian fibrations
  • Dynamics of non-integrable Hamiltonian systems―chaos, diffusion
  • Applications to molecular and atomic systems, astronomy

Konstantinos' recent publications

  1. Martynchuk, N., Broer, H.W. and Efstathiou, K. (2020) Hamiltonian monodromy and Morse theory.. . (BibTeX)
  2. Gao, Jian and Efstathiou, Konstantinos (2020) Reduction of oscillator dynamics on complex networks to dynamics on complete graphs through virtual frequencies.. . (BibTeX)
  3. Martynchuk, N., Dullin, H.R., Efstathiou, K. and Waalkens, H. (2019) Scattering invariants in Euler's two-center problem.. . (URL) (BibTeX)
  4. Chiscop, I., Dullin, H. R., Efstathiou, K. and Waalkens, H. (2019) A Lagrangian Fibration of the Isotropic 3-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator with Monodromy.. . (URL) (BibTeX)

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