Daniele Fontanari (Dunkerque)

Perturbation of the hydrogen atom by inhomogeneous static electric and magnetic fields

The hydrogen atom is a specific, and physically relevant, Keplerian 2-body system with one of the body assumed infinitely heavy. Isochronous integrable n-shell approximations for perturbations of the hydrogen atom, such as Stark and Zeeman effects, are widely known and studied. We go beyond the set of such linear systems in the search for non-trivial approximately integrable systems which can originate from physically meaningful perturbations of the hydrogen atom. We achieve this by applying a specific inhomogeneous electromagnetic field. We then proceed to analyse the characteristics of the integrable part in order to verify the applicability of Nekhoroshev theory.

date: 3 June 2014

time: 14:00

room: Bernoulliborg 5161.0267