Christof Jung (UNAM Cuernavaca, Mexico)

The development scenario of the normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds in a variant of the 3-body problem

We study a variant of the 3 body problem which serves to describes the motion of a star in the potential of 2 spheroidal dwarf galaxies. The system has 3 index-1 saddles of the effective potential and 3 corresponding NHIMs of codimension 2. Two of them are basically equal because of symmetry reasons, the third one is essentially different. We study in detail the development scenario of the NHIMs and of the Lyapunov orbits. We see interesting indications of a mutual influence between the development scenarios of the nonequivalent NHIMs.

date: 21 March 2017

time: 16:00

room: 5161.0293 (Bernoulliborg)