Dirk van Kekem (University of Utrecht)

Homoclinic Orbits of Planar Maps: Asymptotics and Melnikov Functions

Homoclinic orbits to saddle fixed points of planar diffeomorphisms generically imply complicated dynamics due to Smale Horseshoes. Such orbits can be computed only numerically, which is time-consuming. The aim of our Masterproject was to explore an alternative method to compute homoclinic orbits near degenerate fixed points of codimension 2 with a double multiplier 1. The method will be based on approximating the map near the bifurcation by the time-1-shift along orbits of a planar ODE and evaluating the Mel'nikov function along its homoclinic loop. Zeroes of this Mel'nikov function are intersections of the stable and unstable manifold and will approximate the homoclinic orbit. In this talk we will focus on the main part of the project: the derivation of a prediction for both the homoclinic orbit and the homoclinic bifurcation curve in the case of the normal form of 1:1 resonance.

date: 24 April 2014

time: 15:00

room: Bernoulliborg 5161.0293