Nikolay Martynchuk (RuG)

Scattering monodromy

Hamiltonian monodromy was introduced by Duistermaat as an obstruction to the existence of global action coordinates in bound integrable systems. Since then non-trivial Hamiltonian monodromy was shown to be present in many integrable systems of classical mechanics as well as in integrable approximations to molecular and atomic systems.

In the talk we will discuss scattering monodromy, an invariant that naturally appears in unbound integrable systems. As opposed to Hamiltonian monodromy, scattering monodromy does not obstruct the existence of global action coordinates. Rather, it is a topological obstruction that prevents the dynamics from being free. We will explain this by relating scattering monodromy to Knauf's topological degree of the scattering map.

This is a report on a joint work with H. Waalkens.

date: 20 June 2017

time: 15:00

room: 5161.0267 (Bernoulliborg)