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The workshop kicks off with a short course by Gerda Claeskens aimed at PhD students on Model Selection and Model Averaging. She is the author of the exceptional recent book under the same title (Cambridge University Press, 2008 with Nils Hjort). Besides 2 sessions of contributed talks, the workshop consists of extensive 45 minute talks by 9 invited experts, who have been given the scope of talking about conceptual issues in model uncertainty in a variety of scientific fields illustrated by examples.

Short Course: Model selection and model averaging

Gerda Claeskens (Leuven, Belgium)

Confirmed speakers

  • Kenneth P. Burnham (Colorado State)
  • John B. Copas (Warwick)
  • Nial Friel (University College Dublin)
  • Peter J. Green (Bristol)
  • Peter Grunwald (CWI, Leiden)
  • Herbert Hoijtink (Utrecht)
  • Angelika van der Linde (Bremen)
  • Arthur Petersen (PBL, Bilthoven)
  • Erik-Jan Wagenmakers (Amsterdam)