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Prof.dr. A.E.P. Veldman
Department of Mathematics
University of Groningen
P.O. Box 407
9700 AK Groningen
The Netherlands
telephone:+31 50 3633939(secretary)
+31 50 3633988(extension)
+31 50 3633800(telefax)
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Head of page Profile of research activities

Present-day scientific research in technology is characterized by a rapidly increasing degree of complexity, requiring the effort of multi-disciplinary research teams to make progress towards new technology. In view of this development, the groups Theoretical and Computational Mechanics (TCM) and Numerical Mathematics (NM) have joined forces in their research activities. Great value is attached to cooperation with other research groups from universities, technological institutes and industry.

Head of page Academic staff

Prof.dr. A.E.P. Veldman
Dr.ir. K.W.A. Lust (assistant professor)
Dr.ir. R.W.C.P. Verstappen (assistant professor)
Dr.ir. F.W. Wubs (assistant professor)
Dr.ir. R. Luppes (post-doc)
Ir. H.A. Bijleveld (PhD student)
Ir. J.A. Helder (PhD student)
H. Kirbas MSc (PhD student)
Ir. A.J.A. Kort (PhD student)
Ir. G. Rozema (PhD student)
Dipl.-Ing. J. Thies (PhD student)
Ir. R. Wemmenhove (PhD student)

Head of page External projects and cooperation

Head of page Participation in research schools

Head of page Publications

Selected publications since 1992 can be found here.

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