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Computational voice research

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Oscillating vocal chords
The movies show a simulation of elastic vocal chords interacting with an aerodynamic flow (modelled by Navier-Stokes). A constant pressure drop is applied over the pipe, after which the vocal chords start to oscillate -- computed with an extended version of Heat97 (M.P. de Vries - RuG Biomedical Engineering; M. Hamburg - UT).

Three-dimensional simulations haven been carried out by Monica Gorska and Manon Hegeman in their MSc theses. The following movie (25 Mb!) shows a simulation of oscillatory flow past a three-dimensional voice-producing element -- computed with ComFlo (M.M. Hegeman).


Computational embrionics

Together with the Dept. of Radiology of the University of Manitoba, research is carried out on embryo development under micro-gravity.


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