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- Industrial applications

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow

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Turbulent flow in a 2D driven cavity at Re=22000 (1.47 Mb)
The movie shows the initial vortex motion and its evolution towards full development (J.G. Wissink).
2D vortex shedding behind a rectangular block at Re=200 (293 kb)
The movie shows a periodic shedding of vortices in a 2D flow (J.G. Wissink).
3D vortex shedding behind a circular cylinder at Re=100 (1.34 Mb)
The movie shows isosurfaces in the 3D vortex street during five shedding periods -- computed with ComFlo (J. Dijkstra).
3d turbulent flow in a driven cavity at Re=100,000 (3.5 Mb)
The movie shows the vorticity field in the central cross-sectional plane during one large-eddy turn-around time (R.W.C.P. Verstappen).
More information on our DNS research, e.g. comparison with LES and experiment, can be found here . A comparison of DNS with a low-dimensional POD-Galerkin approximation can be found here .

(23 Mb !). An 11 Mb version and a 6.6 Mb version of the same movie.
Close-up movie of a DNS past a square cylinder at Re=22000. The visualization has been made by Wim de Leeuw (CWI) using the 'spot noise' technique. More pictures of this flow can be accessed via Wim de Leeuw's home page .

Free-surface liquid dynamics

2D simulations
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Spin-up/spin-down in a partially filled container under micro gravity (1 Mb)
The movie shows liquid dynamics in a situation where capillary forces and rotational forces balance -- computed with Savof96 (A.E.P. Veldman).
`cocktail mixer' (1.65Mb)
The movie shows liquid sloshing in a shaking complex geometry (B. de Groot).
`centrifuge' (40 kb)
The movie shows liquid motion in a centrifuge -- computed with Savof96 (AEPV).
soliton (254 kb)
The movie shows the motion of a soliton wave on a free surface -- computed with Savof96 (AEPV).
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2d dambreak (150 kb) The movie shows a two-dimensional dambreak problem -- computed with Savof96 (A. Bouma).
bubble inclusion (31 kb) The movie shows the impact of a water jet entraining an air bubble -- computed with Savof96 (AEPV).
bouncing bubble (186 kb) The movie shows a small drop of water bouncing on a hydrofobic surface (effective contact angle 170 degrees) -- computed with Savof96 (AEPV).
slamming wedge (138 kb) The movie shows a wedge slamming through a water surface -- computed with ComFlo (G. Fekken).

3D simulations
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3d dambreak in sphere (1.6 Mb)
Another three-dimensional dambreak problem -- computed with ComFlo (E. Loots). A FLI-version (3.6 Mb) of this movie is also available.
Y-junction (1Mb)
The movie shows two falling blobs of liquid in a pipe junction -- computed with ComFlo (J. Gerrits, E. Loots).
bubble formation (700 kb)
The movie shows the formation of a bubble-shaped void in a liquid under micro-gravity conditions -- computed with ComFlo (J. Gerrits).
sloshing in SloshSat (743 kb)
The movie shows liquid sloshing in a rotating SloshSat tank under micro-gravity conditions -- computed with ComFlo (J. Gerrits).
dambreak (202 kb)
The movie shows the two-dimensional dambreak recomputed in 3d -- computed with ComFlo (G. Fekken).

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`marching cube' (583 kb)
A cube partially filled with liquid is rolling over a flat surface -- computed with ComFlo (E. Loots).
`falling drop' (254 kb)
A drop falling in a pool of water -- computed with ComFlo (J. Gerrits).
`flat spin' (1.8 Mb)
Flat spin: transition from rotation around axis with smallest m.o.i. to rotation around axis with largest m.o.i. -- computed with ComFlo (J. Gerrits).
elastic blood vessel (0.8 Mb)
The movie shows the wall shear stress in an elastic blood vessel -- computed with ComFlo (G.E. Loots).
flat spin of Sloshsat FLEVO (4.7 Mb) [NEW]
The movie shows a simulated flat spin manouevre carried out with Sloshsat FLEVO -- computed with ComFlo (J.A. Helder).

Maritime applications
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`green water' (903 kb)
Water clashing over a ship's deck with a rectangular obstacle -- computed with ComFlo (G. Fekken).
anti-roll tank (2.1 Mb)
Effect of anti-roll tank on ship motion in oncoming waves -- computed with ComFlo (K.M.T. Kleefsman).
falling block (1.1 Mb)
The movie shows a rectangular block falling into water -- computed with ComFlo (G. Fekken).
box above water (0.8 Mb) [NEW]
Wave impact against a box slightly above the water surface, compared with experiment (MARIN) -- computed with ComFLOW (K.M.T. Helmholt-Kleefsman).
green water on deck (1.9 Mb) [NEW]
The movie shows the green water on deck of a moving vessel -- computed with ComFLOW (K.M.T. Helmholt-Kleefsman).
dambreak with box (1.7 Mb) [NEW]
The movie shows a dambreak against a box, compared with experiment (MARIN) -- computed with ComFLOW (K.M.T. Helmholt-Kleefsman).
paddlewheel (13 Mb) [NEW]
The movie shows the flow caused by a paddlewheel -- computed with ComFLOW (B. Iwanowski).

(Industrial) applications

Climate control
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The pictures show some examples of simulations of industrial climate control, carried out on request of Biddle B.V. in cooperation with NLR within the
HPCN-NICE project.
Temperature and velocity distribution in a large room heated from above -- computed with Alpha-flow (9 kb) (E. Wijk).
Oscillating air curtain (740 kb) Temperature distribution near the entrance of a building where an air curtain separates indoor and outdoor climate. The outflow velocity has been chosen deliberately low, such that the curtain starts to oscillate -- computed with Heat97 (A. Vrieling).

Voice research

Vortex formation modelling vocal chords (108 kb)
The movie shows a simulation of vortex formation of a starting flow from a square-edged nozzle at Re=5000: a model for the flow in the human vocal chords (J.W. Phylipsen).

(322 kb) (614 kb)
Oscillating vocal chords
The movies show a simulation of elastic vocal chords interacting with an aerodynamic flow (modelled by Navier-Stokes). A constant pressure drop is applied over the pipe, after which the vocal chords start to oscillate -- computed with an extended version of Heat97 (M.P. de Vries - RuG Biomedical Engineering; M. Hamburg - UT).

Three-dimensional flow around voice-producing element (25 Mb!) [NEW]
The movie shows a simulation of oscillatory flow past a three-dimensional voice-producing element -- computed with ComFlo (M.M. Hegeman).


Laminar flow through a Static Mixer (3D) (465 kb)
The animation shows the axial velocity component as a curved surface and the color shows the magnitude of this velocity component -- computed with Sepran (J.E. Visser, P.F. Rozendal). More information on this project can be found here .
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