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ComFlo is a simulation method for free-surface flow in terrestrial and micro-gravity environments. It models viscous incompressible flow in and around arbitrary geometries. At the free surface continuity of stresses is imposed; effects of capillarity are included. Also liquid-solid body interaction is included in (some versions of) ComFlo.

A major application area (in cooperation with MARIN) concerns the prediction of hydrodynamic wave loading on ships and offshore platforms. This extension of the ComFlo code is called ComFLOW. For validation purposes, at MARIN a series of experiments is carried out. Details about the dambreak experiments can be found here.

Another application area (in cooperation with NLR) concerns spacecraft dynamics as influenced by onboard liquids. Validation experiments have been carried out in February 2005 with the Sloshsat FLEVO satellite.

Finally, a ComFlo version has been developed to model hemodynamics in elastic arteries.

A detailed description of the mathematical and numerical modelling inside ComFlo/ComFLOW can be found in the PhD theses of Jeroen Gerrits (December 2001), Erwin Loots (May 2003), Geert Fekken (March 2004), Theresa Kleefsman (November 2005) and Rik Wemmenhove (May 2008). Some ComFlo/ComFLOW animations of free-surface flow can be found at our CFD gallery.

Literature on ComFlo/ComFLOW and its applications

Many animations of free-surface flow can be found at our CFD gallery

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