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Benchmark problem

Date: 8 - 11 July 2013
Place: Haifa, Israel
Session: Computational methods for bifurcation and stability analysis
Organizers: Henk Dijkstra (Utrecht University) and Fred Wubs (University of Groningen)

3D Lid Driven Cavity

Boussinesq equations on a sector North Atlantic model

  • Problem description: In De Niet et al. (2007) and Thies et al. (2009), the steady hydrostatic equations for wind and thermohaline ocean flows were solved versus parameters. The domain is a 60 degrees W-E sector over latitudes 10N-74N on the sphere with a constant depth of 4000m. Flow is forced by a wind stress, a surface temperature distribution and a freshwater flux.
  • Aim is to compute the bifurcation diagram of the flow in the parameter measuring the strength of the freshwater flux for a high-resolution model (down to 1/4 degree horizontally).
  • References:


  • Accuracy of results should be determined
  • Description of the used methodology
  • Performance analysis of the method
  • Estimate of the human effort to get the results

Those interested in participating are asked to send a one page abstract in pdf format to before January 15, 2013.